Monday, January 9

MileUp: The App That Pays You For Every Mile You Drive.

this new app is getting a lot of buzz and i clearly see why. download mileup and the points rack up every time you drive---it's that easy.

now i hardly drive outside my neighborhood, (seriously i drove a total of 3,500 miles last year!) so this won't be a huge money earner for me but for folks that drive often, this could really be a nice chunk of change. they have several different gcs to choose from: amazon, target, dominos, walmart are just a few. it seems 1,000 pts equals $5. i have had this app for not even a month, barely drive, and already have over 600 pts!


plus they have lots of fun challenges--i even won an easy an 50 pts. on one. signing up may be a bit tricky, at least it was for me. i had to enter my cellphone number and wait for an activation text--which took a few tries. 

and unbelievably, if you unfortunately are in an accident, mileup will pay you $250 in pts. if you submit them an accident report! talk about a silver lining!
sign up here:

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