Thursday, February 20

join mintvine today!

a newer site i recently joined--mintvine--click to join!

pays out at just $10 (amazon) and offers daily polls that give you 5 pts. plus every dnq gives you 5 pts. i don't get a lot of activity from them but its an easy $10 a month (and it all adds up!)


mintvine is becoming one of my favs. i have scored many invoke sessions (a later date online focus group that typically pays $30 for 90 minutes and is super easy) and the 5 pt. daily polls coupled with 5 pts for every dnq quickly adds up.

the only thing i am starting to dislike with mintvine is that i think their popularity is growing but now A LOT of the surveys i receive say 'sorry, that survey is no longer available' and then i don't even get the 5 pts. for a disqualification :(

so now i know you can't sit on mintvine survey emails---jump on them!!

definitely worth signing up for!

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