Thursday, February 20


globaltestmarket is probably one of the first sites i joined when i began this side job. i probably make $50 every 6-8 wks from them. the good things about gtm (for short) is they will send you A LOT of surveys and you also can just visit your homepage and find a list of available surveys as well. i have gotten several product trials and focus groups from them as well.

the not so good---if you visit their Facebook page you will see many unhappy people. gtm doesn't have the best customer service and i myself have never received a non-canned response to any issues i have had. in fact i am still short a check from them that i redeemed over 6 months ago. going forward i have aborted the having a check mailed to me and now only opt for the amazon and paypal options.
they send out the SAME surveys constantly. i already know i will be disqualified 10 questions in so i just back out of those surveys. (they send a movie survey practically every other day and if you don't see a lot of movies on a regular basis you'll probably dnq (does not qualify) after you just spent 5 minutes wasting your time answering demographical questions. and truthfully, their surveys tend to be some of the longer and more boring ones out there.
still, they are one of my keepers and a good one to try out.

--link to join globaltestmarket--

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