Thursday, February 27

if you need a winning dessert---go with this- CHEESEBURGER CUPCAKES!

my son needed an entry for his cub scout annual dessert contest. the good part is i knew about this two months out. immediately i began searching online to find 'the one'. i had snickers race cars, aquarium jello molds, and campfire cakes all on the 'maybe' list until i stumbled upon cheeseburger cupcakes! these were the cutest things and upon further searching i discovered they are everywhere--just google cheeseburger cupcakes. i probably looked at 20 different versions and then just customized my own.
they are actually pretty easy--make a batch of vanilla for the buns, a batch of chocolate for the meat, use different colored frostings for the ketchup, cheese, and lettuce, and finally top it off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
i think the cutest part actually though are the fries. again there were many versions online but this is the recipe i used: fries


honestly they weren't the most artistic thing there and probably not the tastiest either since i didn't make any of it from scratch (100% mixes and pre-made frostings) but they were pretty darn cute and the kids LOVED them!

i ordered the paper containers and toothpicks from to further increase their authenticity. so if you ever need a very well received dessert idea---this is a sure hit!

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