Wednesday, June 11

join i-say today!

i-say by Ipsos is a company that has been around for awhile. while i don't get a whole lot of surveys from them i manage to eek out about $15 a month. they have paypal and amazon as reward options too. the best part about i-say is the 'poll predictor' at the end of each survey---they ask a random question and you guess what % answered that way--you then earn 'raffle tickets' for the current prizes and the number of entries you earn depends on how close you were to the correct answer. so even if you disqualify for a survey you at least know you earned a sweeps entry.

i also have received a fair amount of products to test through them which is always a bonus.
a heads up--they seem to be going through a few hiccups right now with changing their site format and interface--very glitchy lately. hopefully they will iron them all out soon!

click the link and join today!

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