Saturday, June 7

summer detox water!

i have been seeing various concoctions of detox water all over pinterest lately and decided i too was going to minimize my diet sodas this summer and drink something with some nutritional/healthy value. i am here to say---this stuff is FABULOUS! it still pretty much tastes like water but with subtle hints of the lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber. nothing is overpowering--it's just REFRESHING.  it's super simple to make too. you just need water and a pitcher along with these ingredients:

* 1 cucumber (one large one lasts me 3 pitchers of this)
* 2 lemons (after my first batch of regular ones i splurged and bought the seedless variety)
* ginger (fresh grated or jarred--i probably add about 1 teaspoon)
* mint leaves (i actually grow these in my yard--i think i have spearmint and use about 20 leaves)

fill your pitcher with water and then clean and slice up your lemons, cucumber and mint.
throw them all in and sprinkle with ginger. stir it a few times.

DONE! the water does turn a tad murky and the taste gets stronger the longer it sits. one pitcher lasts me about 3 days---i wouldn't keep it longer than that.many sites claim this stuff helps metabolism, weight loss and overall detoxing. i can't say either way but it tastes great and those ingredients have to have SOME extra benefit--right?

has anyone else made this or have their own version?

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