Monday, June 2 --a great resource! is a great resource for the serious survey taker. i always thought of them as a 'sweeps, coupon, deals and sales' type site but i discovered they have a whole forum devoted to surveys and focus groups.

go to

click on 'forums'
click on 'freebies'
click on 'surveys'----now bookmark this page!
refer to it often for 'heads ups' on surveys, product testings and online projects. the site is community based--you can ask or answer questions, seek clarification and even post your own 'heads up' for a product test or focus group that's available.

moreover, this can be your go to site for anything involving saving money online. they have a sweepstakes forum that lists all current sweepstakes and instant wins, deal alerts where you can even customize what retailers or categories you want a deal alert notification.

currently i have set up deal alerts for both amazon and kohl's. i get an email whenever a great deal is going on for the various categories i set up (clothing, personal care, food etc...) i have snagged many great deals from this feature. truly is a one of a kind resource for freebies, deals, coupon codes, sweeps, and maximizing your online survey opportunities,

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