Sunday, June 22

Become a product tester for McCormick!

i love being a part of this site. every 3 months you are eligible to take a short screener and qualify to test one of McCormick's newest products. they send you the product, even supply a recipe or two, and even PAY you $10-$20 in amazon gift cards once the study is complete. all you need to do is fill out a survey about your experience.

additionally, they even have bonus activities--make a collage or video about the test product and possibly earn an additional incentive.

Thursday, June 19

American Consumer Opinion Panel-ACOP

American Consumer Opinion Panel/ACOP

this is another one of my main sites. they pay in paypal or check and you only have to reach $10 for a payout. they do lots of small screener surveys for 5-20 pts. which is great since you never start a survey and then get disqualified with zero compensation like most other companies.
they also are GLOBAL--anyone can join!
the topics and format are unique and a change of pace from other sites as well. i also have done special project diarys which were super easy to complete.  i can easily make $15 a month from them but be warned--payouts do take FOREVER to receive.
still, they are a constant contributor for me and you too should add them.

click HERE to join ACOP now!

Tuesday, June 17

Checkout 51

my friend just recently introduced me to this app/site. i had been a huge fan of Endorse, which sadly shut its doors a while back. i use ibotta occasionally but my regional grocery store (schnucks) doesn't support it. Checkout 51 can be used with ANY retailer which makes it a winner with me! in fact you can buy from ANY retailer (even online!) as long as you have a validated receipt.

similar to the others, you simply check off their promoted items that you bought that week and then upload your receipt. easy as pie. i have made $7 in just the few weeks i joined. every week they have at least one 'generic' item like milk, eggs or bananas so that's easy money. once you hit $20 you cash out and they mail you a check.

available for iOS devices, android and online through their website. united states and canada.

give them a try!

Saturday, June 14

shopalong mobile app

Shopalong is a mobile community where you get paid for completing fun and rewarding assignments at places you shop every day.

you can bring them along on your next shopping trip and earn rewards (typically $5-$50)!

they typically pick certain shopping occasions--back to school, black friday, mothers day, spring etc... and ask you to pick the initial budget you have in mind. then you just log all your purchases until the project ends--easy-peezy!

i made $45 for just logging in my spring home improvement purchases (submitting receipts, answering short surveys and taking pics) over a 6 wk period. it took minutes and it was fun! better yet, it even logs all your purchases so you can see if you went over or under your initial budget!

join today! available on iOS and android.

Wednesday, June 11

join i-say today!

i-say by Ipsos is a company that has been around for awhile. while i don't get a whole lot of surveys from them i manage to eek out about $15 a month. they have paypal and amazon as reward options too. the best part about i-say is the 'poll predictor' at the end of each survey---they ask a random question and you guess what % answered that way--you then earn 'raffle tickets' for the current prizes and the number of entries you earn depends on how close you were to the correct answer. so even if you disqualify for a survey you at least know you earned a sweeps entry.

i also have received a fair amount of products to test through them which is always a bonus.
a heads up--they seem to be going through a few hiccups right now with changing their site format and interface--very glitchy lately. hopefully they will iron them all out soon!

click the link and join today!

Sunday, June 8

Adovia- Dead Sea Salt Soap Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

i was lucky enough to receive a sample from the manufacturer for testing and review purposes. here's the 411! this is a bar of Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap #saltsoap. features and benefits are:

Saturday, June 7

summer detox water!

i have been seeing various concoctions of detox water all over pinterest lately and decided i too was going to minimize my diet sodas this summer and drink something with some nutritional/healthy value. i am here to say---this stuff is FABULOUS! it still pretty much tastes like water but with subtle hints of the lemon, mint, ginger and cucumber. nothing is overpowering--it's just REFRESHING.  it's super simple to make too. you just need water and a pitcher along with these ingredients:

Wednesday, June 4

Influenster TLCVoxBox!

SCORE! i was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a special TLCVoxBox especially for moms. look at all the useful goodies packed inside!

first up---Avon Anew Reversalist wrinkle smoother!

Monday, June 2 --a great resource! is a great resource for the serious survey taker. i always thought of them as a 'sweeps, coupon, deals and sales' type site but i discovered they have a whole forum devoted to surveys and focus groups.

go to

click on 'forums'
click on 'freebies'
click on 'surveys'----now bookmark this page!

Thursday, May 29

surveymini--a great mobile site!

SurveyMini Review

here is an app that i just discovered this past month and its another good one! its only available on iPhones though through the app store.
you get quick 2 minute surveys after you visit most retailers or restaurants (it detects your location) and you rack up points QUICKLY! in just one month i earned enough points for a $10 gift card and they have several to choose from: burger king, jamba juice, chick-fil-a, and sonic to name a few. you can also accumulate your points and cash them in for a $25 gift card to places like bath and body works, petsmart, office max, even amc movies.
its a quick and effortless $10 gift card each month!

Tuesday, May 27

survey spot review

i must admit this one is not my favorite, their sister site, is much better--most surveys are ridiculously low paying--however there are a few gems in the mix so it makes it worth my while. i just back out of the majority of surveys when i know they are not leading to a product test or focus session. that being said, i have scored great products and further online opportunities through this site---you just need to get some familiarity with the different surveys so you can sense the good ones!
click this surveyspot link to join!

Saturday, May 24

Unsung Hero---a must-see ad!

yes, this is an ad for insurance, but it is a must-see. get ready for your feel good moment of the day!

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