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Wednesday, June 3

Team Noesis--Be a 'Noe It All'


i have no idea how i found this site but i have done 2 'shopping missions' for them and have earned an easy $40 amazon gift card each time. i just love the name: a Team Noesis Noe it all!

both projects involved a short initial online screener and then a few weeks later i was notified i was accepted. i had to go to target or walmart, locate specific toys and take a few photos. once home i just needed to upload the photos and answer some questions---easy-peasy! 

register now! (and i would be forever grateful if you included my email as your way both of us are entered for a prize!)

Thursday, April 30

Even More Focus Groups!

like i have said before--scoring focus groups is where the money is at. consequently, many many people are vying for a handful of slots. register for every focus group you can find to increase your odds. yes, it is a pain to fill out that initial profile but once it's done you are in their database and ready to get screeners!

Sunday, February 15

More Focus Groups!

i probably belong to 50 focus group databases---the more the merrier and the better your odds of scoring a high paying project, right? here are four online focus group panels that you definitely should sign up with. i honestly don't hear a lot from any of them, maybe a screener or two every couple months, so they are not very time consuming at all once you fill out their initial profile registration.

good luck!

Wednesday, January 7

the-Collaboratory Market Research

this site pays extremely well but projects are few and far between. most of their projects involve food and food preparation and involve multi-day interactive boards, where you log in at your leisure and respond to a series of questions.

you can expect a screener about once every month or so, which can be lengthy and involve open ended questions. i probably have answered 30 screeners but have only been accepted into 2 studies. even so, i jump on every opportunity since the studies are fun and interesting and pay very well.

here is their link to sign up:

Friday, October 24

dscout rules!

whoa, @dscout rules! give your opinion, complete fun missions, and get rewards. sign up and download the app today!

Thursday, August 28

20/20 Research Panel

this is definitely THE panel to sign up for to score a focus group. they offer tons of them, covering just about every topic imaginable. also like their FB page because i have found many more opportunities are listed there compared to what i receive in email.

of course, taking long screeners is zero fun, and you will fill MANY out trying to snag a spot, but unfortunately that's the process and you will never get chosen for any if you don't try.

Saturday, August 9

Inspired Opinions Review

you won't hear a lot from this site--i am lucky to see a single email a month--but when you do its usually a screener for a high paying online focus group. just last month i finished one with them that was easy, fun and earned me $150!

Tuesday, July 22

dscout research

dscout is truly one gem of an app. you simply apply for 'missions' and do a short screener. if chosen, you complete the mission by taking quick 30 second snippets of whatever the mission topic is.
it's free, it's fun, it's on your phone and it PAYS.

Thursday, May 8

mindswarms review

mindswarms is another great site that pays extremely well and is global. you do need a webcam or video function on your phone or tablet in order to be eligible for interviews. 

mindswarms basically consists of two formats:

$50 for answering 7 questions (you watch a video tape of each question and then webcam/record your answer back)
$10 for answering 1 question (same format)

it is difficult to be picked for these. i apply to many and have only been accepted 3 times so far. what i really liked about it was my answers weren't 'live' in front of someone else across the computer. i had time to think about my answer, even taking a few notes, before i had to tape my reply. and you can always erase an answer and re-answer it.

its actually very easy money--you just have to get chosen! i find they are hit or miss with emailing new studies so its best to check the site yourself often to see whats available.

Friday, March 14

focus forward online--start getting your focus group on!

register with as many focus group panels as possible! click for link to join focus forward online. this is a good one to start with since they seem to have studies often.
      it can be difficult to actually be picked for a focus group, you will fill out a ba-zillion qualifying screeners and rarely get chosen. however, online focus groups and interactive boards are where the  money's at so its critical to apply for as many projects as you can. i have had focus groups range from 30 minutes for $20 to 4wks for $350. its also good to have a webcam--it greatly increases your eligibility since many projects require them. you can buy decent webcams on for under $30.
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