Friday, March 14

focus forward online--start getting your focus group on!

register with as many focus group panels as possible! click for link to join focus forward online. this is a good one to start with since they seem to have studies often.
      it can be difficult to actually be picked for a focus group, you will fill out a ba-zillion qualifying screeners and rarely get chosen. however, online focus groups and interactive boards are where the  money's at so its critical to apply for as many projects as you can. i have had focus groups range from 30 minutes for $20 to 4wks for $350. its also good to have a webcam--it greatly increases your eligibility since many projects require them. you can buy decent webcams on for under $30.

      i will share other focus group sites along the way that i have had success with--i probably belong to over 25 different panels to increase my chances. its also important to jump on any pre-qualifying screeners you are sent. focus groups fill up quickly because everyone wants in so don't let it sit in your inbox! its also a good idea to keep a notebook and write down all the online focus groups/qualboard studies you have done (topic and company) because very often they will ask you when your last study was and what was the topic. often companies will disqualify you if you have participated in any focus study within the past 6 months but i have gotten into many under that timeframe because the subject matter of my previous ones were completely unrelated to the current project study. another tip--often when recruiters call you to verify eligibility they will ask you an open ended question like 'if you could write a book on any topic what would it be and why' or 'if you could have dinner with anyone living or dead who would you choose and why'. i think they ask these to see how well you can articulate your thoughts so it a good practice to think about what your answers would be so you're not caught off guard and stumble clumsily through it. also the recruiter usually has your pre-qualifer survey answers right in front of them so make sure your verbal answers match! 
     good luck and get applying! also please share the focus group panel you have had the most success with!

click here to sign up!

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