Wednesday, March 5

hide the toys and maintain your sanity!

if you have small children your house also probably looks like a declared disaster area by the end of the day! i am amazed daily at how many toys a 2 yr old can scatter and uproot in the course of 24 hrs. and where do you store them all? i really don't want my house to be a constant tripping hazard and feel more like a toys r us than a house that adults actually occupy.
i decided to take out shelves on the bottom of our ikea wall unit and use ikea fabric bins on the bottom shelves. it works so well. at bedtime we just throw all the toys in the bins and order is achieved! i try to keep them somewhat sorted--vehicles in one, musical toys in another etc...
i also have learned my lesson and only buy furniture that has STORAGE. ottomans, end tables, coffee tables must offer me some additional hidden reservoir to hide those toys!

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