Friday, March 28

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®: Lookout for the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® Get Messy Contest starting on March 10th! #MrsMeyersCleans #freesample
I am IN LOVE with this stuff! At first i was like 'ugh' geranium, really--i immediately thought a grandmas perfume type scent--and i couldn't have been more wrong!

i spray this stuff and its like an infusion of spring in my house---the scent is STRONG and simply awakens your senses. i am seriously thinking of wearing this as my new body spritz--its that good!
i am thinking of things to clean now because the scent is so delightful and immediately tells my family--mom must have cleaned!

i received this sample from smiley360 to test and review and was so blown away by it i immediately ordered 2 other scents in the line---basil and honeysuckle from i found my new line of  cleaning products and give mrs. meyers countertop spray ***** (5) much deserved stars.

has anyone else been wowed by this stuff?

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