Monday, March 17

my st. paddys feast

this year i decided to make my own st patricks day dinner instead of my usual run to the grocers deli to buy their corned beef dinner
overall, it was quite a success! the soda bread was a bit dry and dense and my irish tea cake completely sunk in the middle (thus my coverup by dumping a bunch of berries in the middle!) and i am not sure if i would add the rutabaga again (first time i have eaten it and it wasn't very memorable) but the whole family loved it and i made enough to last us at least 3 meals. i also bought stick on mustaches and 4 leaf clover beads for everyone to wear at dinner time to make the meal extra festive!
i think i cut my bread slits a bit too deep!

the fruit isn't supposed to be there but it completely sank! for dessert i added a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream and an andes mint

my complete meal--the rutabaga looks like melon and seemed rather tasteless to me. the mustard/sour cream sauce was divine though and really added that something special to the dinner.

click here for the crockpot corned beef and cabbage recipe i used

click here for the soda bread recipe

click here for the irish teacake recipe

here is the sauce i used for the corned beef (taken from a pork chop recipe)

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