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Wednesday, October 21

Voice of Today's Consumer Panel--Accepting New Members!


here is a small community survey site that anyone in the US, age 18 or over, can apply to join. short and easy surveys are sent about 1-2x a month, most of them dealing with insurance or finances. 

you can redeem for tango cards at the $10 and $20 level. tango does not offer paypal but they do offer just about every gc under the sun, including amazon.

the community also gives out points for responding to a discussion thread or even answering a quick poll. i have been a member for 5 months and have earned $17 with minimal effort.

here is the link to join!

Wednesday, October 14

EOVC: A New Survey Panel

"The Evolution of Video Community (EOVC) Project has ended. Thank you for your participation! Please email with any questions."

discovered this new survey site recently. surveys are short and easy and the pay scale is decent. not sure where the 'video community' part fits in because so far i have only received standard survey email invites. they do not have a landing page or user interface so you need to email them for your rewards balance. their fb page seems responsive though to any questions or issues.

you can cash out by check once you hit $20.

here is the link to join:

Thursday, October 1

How I Earn $100 a Month From Swagbucks.

you probably have heard of swagbucks, they claim to be the #1 online rewards site in the world. for years i ignored them and thought it was a whole lot of work for little pay compared to other sites but i admit i have had a complete change of heart this past year.

swagbucks is fun, engaging, and offers something for everyone. i don't go crazy on the site but i have managed to create a steady monthly $75-$100 income (paypal, amazon and walmart gcs are my go-tos) for just about 30 minutes a day.

Tuesday, September 1

Sticky Crowd Eye Tracking Surveys

i have stumbled across these surveys through other panels but just discovered you can sign up directly with them. so far i have taken 2 surveys and each took under 5 minutes and each paid $1.
you will need a webcam obviously to participate.

you can choose amazon or paypal when you reach $12.50 although for paypal they do take out a processing fee. also ensure you choose 6x a month for survey frequency (that is the highest available). 

definitely worth the sign up!

Tuesday, August 25

OnePoll is One Great Paying Site!

sign up link:

this site offers one of the best wages per hour for survey sites.  every survey pays 50 cents and averages 3 minutes--that calculates to $10 per hour. definitely worth the sign up folks!

OnePoll is a UK based survey company that i discovered in the past year. what i love about them is the surveys are ALWAYS very short and sweet (nothing over 5 minutes here!) and they always seem to pay 50 cents, which is actually pretty good for the time invested.

Wednesday, August 12

5 Things I Learned about Taking Surveys and Working Online

well i have been earning my income online for over 2 yrs now and so much of my approach has changed since i started. currently i am consistently earning $1200 a month and i really feel i am working smarter than ever. today i will share some of what i have learned along the way. pardon the lower cases---it has always been my habit since i became an e.e. cummings fan over 30 yrs ago!

Thursday, July 23

How I Make InboxDollars Work For Me.

i really am not a fan of gpt (get paid to) sites where legitimate surveys and free 30 day trial offers (that require a credit card) all get muddled together.

my one exception is inboxdollars. now i don't do ANY of the trial offers or endless path pseudo-surveys that require a phone number so they can spam you to death. i only do 4 things on the site:

1. click on all reward mail 
-at 2 cents per click these add up quickly and take only seconds.

Wednesday, July 8

Cool Work Ideas--Your Next Go-to Site.

this is a blog that i check out multiple times DAILY. and if you are serious about maximizing your online earning potential you should immediately subscribe too!

paul, who runs the site, is a great guy and tells it like it is--the good, the bad and the 'completely not worth your time'. he is always digging around and discovering new focus groups and survey companies--and never hesitates to share his finds.

moreover, he actually started a forum on the site that is more community based (think slickdeals or reddit without the egos or intimidation) where people can post their finds, ask questions or list current focus group screeners. the vibe is so inviting, approachable and merciful! i have found and qualified for  several studies just from the Cool Work Ideas Forum. definitely worth the bookmark to check for nationwide studies daily.

check it out and may the focus group be with you!

Friday, July 3

Directive Analytics Online Panel

i have been a member here for not very long. surveys are emailed and are pretty infrequent but occasionally you can score a multi-day diary and those pay at least $20.

redemption is a bit archaic--you have to send them an email to request a check and then wait 6-8 wks.--but at least it's straight up cash! there also doesn't seem to be a minimum to request out.

you won't hear much from them but i think they are still worth the registration.

Friday, June 19

YouSay! Survey Review


here is yet another newer survey site to join. while nothing truly differentiates yousay! from all the others, this site does give you 100 pts. for every disqualification which is most definitely on the high side. plus you instantly get a $5 sign up bonus which is already 1/3 of your redemption threshold! they also offer an app for apple and android to take surveys on the go.

when you hit 15,000 pts. you can redeem for a $15 paypal deposit. payment is pretty quick too. here is the link to join:

Wednesday, June 10

Brand Institute Review

i have been a member of brand institute for a few years now. they are truly geared towards individuals in the medical field, but even so, i get invites from them at least monthly. since i have zero medical background the majority of my surveys involve naming a new pharmaceutical and the pay always ranges between $2 and $8. sometimes the surveys can drag and all the proposed names can start to sound the same. they pay paypal and you know quickly if you are disqualified so you never feel you wasted your time with them.

i am sure anyone in the healthcare/medical field could really clean up on this site. they also offer a VIP status (which i am) that offers additional perks like being notified first of survey opportunities, being able to refer friends and being able to go directly to the site to view any open surveys. the process of becoming a VIP involves completing a questionnaire and emailing them a copy of your drivers license/ID (which i found unusual but still complied).

paypal payment does take several weeks-- so much so, you forgot you even took the survey and it's a nice surprise! definitely a departure from traditional survey sites and worth the registration. many countries outside the USA are also accepted.

Saturday, May 16

Register with Iowa Opinion Panel--Open Nationwide.

this is a little site i discovered in the past few months. although they primarily cater to iowa residents, the panel is open nationwide to anyone age 18 and over.

they do reward you with some points even if you disqualify from a survey and they pay out incentives with amazon gift codes. 1000 pts. equals a $20 amazon gift card so they are really paying double what many panels pay! surveys pay out anywhere from 25 to 250 pts. each so it accumulates rather quickly. i don't get too much action from them but if you live in iowa you probably would have many more opportunities.

Friday, May 15

BuzzBack Survey Panel Review

okay, a year ago i would never imagine i would be recommending this site but lately it has really turned around for me.

granted, i still delete the majority of survey email offers since they are usually only $1 or $2 for a 20 minutes survey but in the last couple months i actually have been offered AND COMPLETED 3 surveys at $10 a pop for 20 minutes of time and one product test that paid $50! suddenly i am excited to see a buzzback email hit my inbox!

if you haven't signed up yet or stopped using them long ago, consider giving them a chance today.

they have many rewards, including amazon and paypal, but do take 6-8 wks before paying up.

link to join:

Sunday, April 26 $30 Sign Up Bonus or SCAM?


did more digging and definitely do not feel good about this one. i looked up the domain 
on and it received a trust score of '0' (the lowest score possible), is based out of the ukraine, is only 2 months old and the owner of the site is using a service to hide their identity---all huge red flags. i would stay far away!!

i just discovered this site. i couldn't believe a legit survey company would be offering $30 just to sign up so i immediately signed up of course and decided to check it out.

Monday, April 20

RewardSurvey--Get Free Magazines!

i don't know how i didn't know about this site! answer surveys that take no longer than 5 minutes and instantly be rewarded with a magazine credit. so far i have taken 4 surveys and earned $60 in magazine rewards!!! keep in mind the $60 took about only about 15 minutes of my time TOTAL. 

Wednesday, April 15

Insights Focus---Another Excellent Newbie!

don't freak out if you are unable to take the 5 minute survey after registering. it wasn't working for me and i didn't think i was fully registered but sure enough i received my first survey a few days later.

their site talks a lot about focus groups and in person tasting tests. personally, i have not been invited to any of these but i have been emailed a few high paying online surveys that definitely were worth my time. payment was almost instantaneous--through paypal.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 7

Datatelligence Online

datatelligence is one of the larger survey site companies. i don't seem to score a lot of surveys from them but they do offer a good amount of product tests which always sweetens the pot.
survey incentives are average and they reward with amazon gift codes--1000 pts. equals $10 amazon. payout codes are emailed quickly as well, 72 hrs. tops. in addition, they will occasionally offer extra incentives on top of the points in the form of barnes and noble e-giftcard codes.

register here!

Tuesday, March 31

InnoPoll is on a Roll!

FYI--innopoll is now called forthright!

here is a new up and coming site that gets high marks from me. InnoPoll surveys pay extremely well and pay is instantaneous! i have completed 4 surveys with them to date--one for $5, two for $4 and one for $2. all took under 10 minutes too.

signing up is easy--just click on this link:

Monday, March 23

OnePoll Review

OnePoll is a UK based survey company that i discovered in the past year. what i love about them is the surveys are ALWAYS short and sweet (nothing over 5 minutes here!) and they always seem to pay 50 cents, which is actually pretty good for the time invested.

Friday, March 6

UMatter Online Opinion Panel Review


this is a site i just discovered in the past year. surveys are infrequent, maybe 2 a month, but you always qualify and they are super easy and quick. surveys typically are worth 500-1500 pts. and once you hit 10,000 pts. you are automatically awarded a $10 amazon e-giftcard. there is no having to manually go to the site to redeem your points--umatter does it for you and and they do it quickly! another nice touch is that they always send you a confirmation email when a survey is completed--no worries that something went amiss and points failed to credit.

they even have a chart that outlines the points in relation to the survey length!

i have not received any product tests or special projects but i do enjoy the site very much--points are awarded instantly and i have never had any technical issues.

here's the link to sign up!

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