Friday, January 30

AIP Online Surveys

this survey site is based out of tokyo, japan but is open to any resident of the US who is 16 yrs. of age or older.

you can expect a survey about once a month and they pay in either best buy gift cards or paypal--with the threshold to cash out only $5. payment does take awhile--expect to wait 2-3 months!

Saturday, January 24

Win A Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit! (Ends 2/7-$119 Value)

                                                           *GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED*

Wednesday, January 21

Purex PowerShot Giveaway!


Well Purex has done it again! As a Purex Insider I received a full size sample to review as well as 3 coupons for a FREE full size bottle to give away to my readers! Yippee.

What makes this product unique is that it is a liquid form laundry detergent that does not require any measuring---that's right--liquid (not pod or pac) that still eliminates the need to measure out the dose.


I am a big fan of the pods because of their convenience but they usually cost more money so I am quite excited about this new product from Purex.

Friday, January 16

Nieto Research

want free diapers? then sign up for Nieto Research! they are a research company based out of atlanta that product tests diapers and feminine products.

if chosen for a study they will send you free diapers to test out and all you need to do is fill out a diaper log tracking your use and then a final follow up survey. there is no additional compensation, only the test product. diapers are expensive and this is a great way to get free ones for just minutes of your time each day.  i love free product for your opinion!

sign up below!

Monday, January 12

TV Focus Group

this site is a gem. i don't even know how i found it but i already did one super easy survey involving watching 4 short 'as seen on tv' product ideas and giving my opinion on each (20 minutes max) and i earned a $25 amazon gift card! and they paid it quickly!

now i may not see another survey for awhile but you can't beat those rewards.

here is their link to join and good luck!

Wednesday, January 7

the-Collaboratory Market Research

this site pays extremely well but projects are few and far between. most of their projects involve food and food preparation and involve multi-day interactive boards, where you log in at your leisure and respond to a series of questions.

you can expect a screener about once every month or so, which can be lengthy and involve open ended questions. i probably have answered 30 screeners but have only been accepted into 2 studies. even so, i jump on every opportunity since the studies are fun and interesting and pay very well.

here is their link to sign up:

Friday, January 2

Best Survey Tips

when i first started doing surveys, i did not know anything and pretty much joined every site and did every survey that came my way. i now have learned a few things.

Friday, December 26

Shoppers' Perspective Community Review

Shoppers' Perspective Community is a newer site for me. the surveys are usually short and sweet although somewhat infrequent. you can redeem your points when you hit only 500 pts. for Tango which has a multitude of gift cards to choose from (see below).

Monday, December 22

Personal Trainer Food: Final Results



My 28-Day PTF Program is officially over. I am so grateful I was able to experience the program and it will forever change the way I look at food.

Saturday, December 20

Personal Trainer Food Recap


Well my 28 day program is winding down! I am so glad I had the opportunity to try it--it truly has changed the way I will eat. I feel slimmer, less bloated and less hungry. While I may not completely give up carbs and sugars (this girl needs a glass or two or three of wine some nights!) I definitely will be choosing proteins and veggies over carbs when deciding what to eat.

Tuesday, December 16

Personal Trainer Food--What I like and dislike.



As my program is coming to an end I would love to share my critique of the Personal Trainer Food Program and what I liked and disliked.

Monday, December 15

Purex PowerShot Sweeps--Win a NEW Whirlpool Washer and Dryer! Ends 3/31/15


Over 300 Winners! 3 will win a New Washer & Dryer Set. 300 will win a bottle of Purex PowerShot Detergent! Ends 3/31/15.

click link below to enter!
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