Tuesday, December 16

Personal Trainer Food--What I like and dislike.



As my program is coming to an end I would love to share my critique of the Personal Trainer Food Program and what I liked and disliked.


* This program really does break your addiction to carbs and sugars. The first week is tough but now I don't miss them and the results are good enough for me to not want to take a bite of that pasta or bread! I do crave something sweet though and that's when I eat an apple which is allowed on the program.

* The food is so easy to grab and go--it's perfect to take to work. Grab a meat, grab a veggie and you are set. All you need is a plate, fork and microwave.

* The food is yummy! I definitely discovered my favorites--adobe chicken, hamburger patty, teriyaki chicken were all absolutely delicious. The bad part is you don't really know what you will like best until you try it. I ordered 2 of everything but I would definitely choose differently next time. The cocoa almonds were the perfect dose of sweetness I needed some days--I wish I had ordered more of those!


* You practically need a second freezer to store the food. Even with pulling 2 weeks worth of breakfasts and meats to the refrigerator, I still filled our entire second top freezer with PTF. Perhaps it's not feasible but I think it would be great if they split the shipments in two so you only need to house 14 days worth at one time.

* While they say you don't have to buy anything else---all your food is included--I found that to not be the case with 2 entrees: the fajita chicken and the steak strips both needed a salad to sit on top of. Not a big deal but I was running to the store a few times to buy leafy greens to have for my dinner.

* The writing would smear off the package so sometimes I couldn't even read what I was eating. Again, not a big deal but for future orders I want to know for sure.

* The packages get very noisy in the microwave! Lots of bursts and popping sounds. Occasionally they would burst and make a mess. Frequently they would tear while cooking and when I would grab them they would leak.

Well that's my dish on PTF!  One week to go!

The 28 day PersonalTrainerFood program was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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