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Personal Trainer Food Menu


So what exactly does PersonalTrainerFood send you for 28 days? You do have the option to customize exactly what you want. While the PTF way of eating is pretty limited to a few food categories--meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese and nuts--they do a decent job at providing variety. Here is a sampling of the options available:

                       Breakfasts                                                                            Vegetables

There are 15 breakfast options and all are combinations of eggs, omelets, sausages and bacon. I really liked the maple sausage because it added an element of sweetness I was craving!

There are 27 varieties of vegetables. Remember though you eat 2 of these each day. I enjoyed all of them although many seemed very similar to me despite different names.
                        Meats                                                                                                  Snacks

 There are 32 meats to pick from (you will eat 2 a day as well). Lots of chicken, sausage and beef options, zero seafood or fish though. A few spicy options which I loved. I honestly enjoyed everyone I tried but really liked the meatballs and the beef patty. I have always been a red meat lover!

There are only 10 snack options which consist of nuts, meat sticks and cheeses. If you eat the nuts one bag contains both of your servings (you get 2 snacks a day) and if you pick cheese or meat sticks you get 2 packages for the day. I found the nuts much more filling and would divide a bag into half so I could have one cheese or meat snack and then half a bag of nuts each day.

While all the food was truly delicious and better tasting than anything I ate with Medifast or Nutrisystem I wish PTF could introduce more variety that still follows the program--shrimp, fish, crab, hard cheese wedges, pork steak or shredded pork, spinach, tomatoes and avocados would all be great additions for me.

As a reminder, the 28 day PersonalTrainerFood program was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


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