Friday, December 12

Personal Trainer Food-Comparing It To The Competitors


So how does Personal Trainer Food compare to the competitors?


Let's just say I have tried NUMEROUS diet delivery programs. Some have been good and some have been awful (sorry Medifast, but I just couldn't stick with yours).

Here is a snippet from the PTF site:

So far I will say that the PTF program is the best in that it's the easiest to apply to real life. If I am hungry I can eat more meats, eggs, or veggies. No counting calories or points or really even worrying about portion sizes--just avoid processed foods and starchy carbs. I also love that you can mix and match and with other programs the entree was often already paired with its veggie side.

Also the food tastes FRESH. It's not shelf-stable overly processed food. Although the first week was tough, I truly am not hungry now between meals--all that protein does satiate your cravings once you get over that initial carb/sugar withdrawal phase. I think PTF really helps you develop a foundation for lifelong routines once you experienced the program.

Heading into my last week!

The 28 day Personal Trainer Food program was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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