Monday, December 8

Personal Trainer Food: Halfway Through!


2 weeks completed!


I am halfway through the 28 day program and it's time for a weigh-in!

Total lost so far: 4.5 lbs in 14 days.

I must admit my coach strongly advised me to stay off the scale until day 28. In fact this quote is straight from their site:

 "Ignore weight. You can drink 3 bottle waters and gain 3 lbs. Weight is irrelative and a mental killer. Size is the best barometer of your progress. Warning! It does not happen overnight."

I am going to not step on the scale again until day 28. I must admit my stomach is flatter and I never feel bloated now. As for clothes feeling looser--let's just say I pretty much live in sweats and yoga pants so that's hard to gauge!

I am getting accustomed to eating this way. I am even using the same principles when cooking meals for my husband--less carbs, more proteins. While I don't think I can honestly stick to the protocols of PTF completely after this program (I just have to have a glass of wine some nights and some occasional chocolate!), I am definitely more conscious of carbs and sugars and see myself choosing nuts or cheese snacks instead of crackers or popcorn.

Again, here is a short summary of the Personal Trainer Food program:

Everyone that joins the program is assigned a 'coach' that is always available for questions or concerns and they do reach out to you at least once a week just to ensure you are staying on track and that all is well.

You can read about the founder of PTF and his story HERE

2 weeks left!

As a reminder, the 28 day PersonalTrainerFood program was provided to me free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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