Saturday, May 24

Unsung Hero---a must-see ad!

yes, this is an ad for insurance, but it is a must-see. get ready for your feel good moment of the day!

Thursday, May 22


this one is the holy grail of survey sites! every survey pays $3 and no disqualifications midway through! they offer prize rewards, check or paypal.  they also have lots of product tests. typically invitation only but i have a link! apply today! pinecone is a slow and steady income earner that may take a few attempts to get accepted but keep trying!

you are going to love pinecone research!

link to apply:

heads up! pinecone has a monthly 'allowance'  for new recruits so if the link doesn't work please try again next month!

Wednesday, May 21


Samplesource is a freebie site with no strings attached! 3 times a year they send you an email saying a new shipment is available and you just log in and claim one--thats it!

samples go quickly so DO NOT HESITATE when you get that email!
here is a pic of my last sample source box---some great stuff and all i did was answer an email and confirm my shipment!

sign up and get in on the next sample pack!

Sunday, May 18


this stuff is mind blowing amazing! i have been on the electronic diffuser merry-go-round for decades now. i used bath and bodyworks wall flowers for years but the scents never lasted beyond a few days. i gave glade a chance last year but again i was so impressed the first day when my whole house was infused with wonderful fragrance and then would not detect ANYTHING 48 hrs later! i pretty much was coming to the conclusion that no one has yet mastered long lasting fragrance in an electronic diffuser.
but then i tried air wick in the baby magic scent.

Friday, May 16

iPoll--they have been very good to me!

i have to say, the regular ipoll site is JUST OKAY--however, i make scores of money on their mobile site. very high paying missions---$5 - $30 for going to the grocery store and buying a specific item and then reviewing it at home. seriously, i have made over $100 just in one month. the caveat is you don't get notifications so you HAVE to look at the app daily, even twice a day to see any missions in your area. still, its super easy money and one of my most profitable apps.
as for the site itself--i don't really bother with the majority of their low paying surveys but i still check it daily for their frequent 'gut-check' focus groups. a few times a week they have 2-5 online focus groups but you have to find them on your 'available surveys' dashboard. they pay anywhere from $5-$20 and they are super easy and actually fun to do.
ipoll is a very profitable site if you are proactive and make it part of your routine to check both the pc and mobile site at least once a day for the good ones because they go fast!

click link to join!

Wednesday, May 14

Win a 4-pack of Purex Crystals---Pinterest Contest!


Inspiration is in full bloom with the freshness of spring in the air. Scents evoke emotional reactions, awaken fond memories, and enhance moments. What scents inspire you this spring?
Enter to WIN this scent-sational Pinterest Contest!
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Please note this giveaway will end May 30th, 2014 at 3:00pm PST. 

Enter to win a FREE SUBSCRIPTION from Purex!


Ready, set, GO! Summer is right around the corner and what a great way to prepare for all that summer fun than with a subscription to Family Fun Magazine! Enjoy all things fun with a magazine that celebrates families, cooking, vacations, parties, crafts and more.

Fifteen thousand (15,000) grand prize winners will receive a FREE subscription to Family Fun Magazine. Enter to win a subscription for your family to enjoy!

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this giveaway will end May 30th, 2014 at 3:00pm PST

Sunday, May 11

Become a Purex Insider!

okay, i am a newbie here but i am loving it so far! first off, you need to have a blog to be eligible. once you have the blog it is great product tests--just submit your honest review on your blog and report it back to purex. they highly encourage giveaways and give you extra stuff as prizes. i just hosted my first giveaway and used zero clue as to what i was doing but it was super easy and free!  the site is very community based and a great place to make connections as well. highly recommend!

Invitation link to become a Purex Insider

Thursday, May 8

mindswarms review

mindswarms is another great site that pays extremely well and is global. you do need a webcam or video function on your phone or tablet in order to be eligible for interviews. 

mindswarms basically consists of two formats:

$50 for answering 7 questions (you watch a video tape of each question and then webcam/record your answer back)
$10 for answering 1 question (same format)

it is difficult to be picked for these. i apply to many and have only been accepted 3 times so far. what i really liked about it was my answers weren't 'live' in front of someone else across the computer. i had time to think about my answer, even taking a few notes, before i had to tape my reply. and you can always erase an answer and re-answer it.

its actually very easy money--you just have to get chosen! i find they are hit or miss with emailing new studies so its best to check the site yourself often to see whats available.

Tuesday, May 6

YES you can make $1000 a month doing surveys

no joke--it took me about a year but currently i have consistently been making over $1000 a month doing surveys, online communities, focus groups and interactive studies. it breaks down to about 35% amazon gift cards and the other 65% is either paypal, visa gift cards or checks mailed to my home. i also average about 15-20 product tests each month--most are things i would be buying anyways--dishwasher detergent, cat litter, facial products, tons of food, toilet paper--the list goes on. and some are AMAZING ones--coffee makers, vacuums, yogurt makers, bluetooth speakers.

its like christmas every day when ups or fedex pulls up!

Sunday, May 4

three-berry focaccia bliss

this is your perfect dessert! its so tart, sweet and delectable--ideal for a hot summer day. you only need a handful of ingredients and its ready in 30 minutes!

*1 10 oz portion fresh of frozen (thawed) whole-wheat pizza of bread dough
     (i just used a boboli whole wheat crust and it was perfect)

*1 Tbs. unsalted butter, melted

*1 tsp. olive oil

*1/4 c sugar

*1/4 c each of fresh blackberries, raspberries and blueberries--i used a lot more though

Friday, May 2

herbal essence hello hydration crowdtap sampling

my first crowdtap sampling!

Trying out my new herbal essence hello hydration bodywash--compliments of #crowdtap and#TheHerbalistas

you can get on our other great product samplings too by joining crowdtap!
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