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Monday, August 3

Paribus--The Site That Does The Price Matching For You!

Get money back when prices drop, effortlessly!

i am continually amazed at how much is out there to save you money. introducing the newest player, Paribus. link up your email address and debit/credit card to the site and they automatically keep a running total of all your online purchases and then monitor them to see if any prices drop. if any do they get you back the difference crediting you 75% of the savings and keeping 25% as payment for their efforts. easy peasy, right?

Wednesday, July 29

9 Grocery Apps Everyone Should Be Using

i swear i keep discovering a new grocery app every couple months! right now i am up to 9--yep it takes a few minutes to ensure i do all my scanning, checking in, and pic taking at the end of a shopping trip but every little bit adds up and when you are using 9 apps--it can add up quite quickly!

Snap by Groupon: not a big earner, items seem a bit random and uncommon. still worth a look though, especially if you buy magazines.

Ibotta: i am late to this party and i know i only scratch the surface of its earnings potential. many places to earn outside grocery stores like pet stores and even online sites. if you use my referral code, ezl4q, you will earn a bonus $1! there is a lot going on here--i keep it simple but i know i am only scratching the surface of this app's earning potential.

Wednesday, July 15

Qmee: Make Money When Searching the Web!

i just discovered this app and am really liking it so far! simply download the app on your laptop or desktop (the app is still in the works for mobile phones and tablets) and you will have a 'button' with the 'Q' when successfully installed:

the Qmee button sits along side my pinterest and ebates buttons!

that's it! now when you do everyday searches you will occasionally see a sidebar pop up with additional search results--click on the one that interests you most or like me, click on the highest $ amount offered!

Wednesday, July 8

Cool Work Ideas--Your Next Go-to Site.

this is a blog that i check out multiple times DAILY. and if you are serious about maximizing your online earning potential you should immediately subscribe too!

paul, who runs the site, is a great guy and tells it like it is--the good, the bad and the 'completely not worth your time'. he is always digging around and discovering new focus groups and survey companies--and never hesitates to share his finds.

moreover, he actually started a forum on the site that is more community based (think slickdeals or reddit without the egos or intimidation) where people can post their finds, ask questions or list current focus group screeners. the vibe is so inviting, approachable and merciful! i have found and qualified for  several studies just from the Cool Work Ideas Forum. definitely worth the bookmark to check for nationwide studies daily.

check it out and may the focus group be with you!

Friday, June 26

Photogramy: Sell Your Instagram Pics For Cash!

just when i think i have capitalized on every which way to earn on the web something new emerges. introducing Photogramy---sell your instagram pics as stock photos and earn cash. it seems this site is just getting off the ground so i really don't know too much about it yet but here is what i know now--

Monday, June 15

Join the Purell Loyalty Program and Earn Gift Cards!


i am very late to this party but i just started it and really find it an easy way to earn rewards. i bookmark the site and every morning i quickly hit all the point earning links on the front page and then hit 'earn more' at the top of the page and complete those on the second page. takes 2 minutes and earns me 500 pts. daily. they do cap you out at 5,000 pts a month so you only have to visit the site 10 days out of the month to earn maximum pts.  25,000 pts. earns you a $10 gift card so not the greatest but it's something. there are also purell products for lesser point amounts. i have only been doing this for a couple weeks but i think i will stick with it for now and really enjoy that gift card once earned!

Wednesday, June 3

Team Noesis--Be a 'Noe It All'


i have no idea how i found this site but i have done 2 'shopping missions' for them and have earned an easy $40 amazon gift card each time. i just love the name: a Team Noesis Noe it all!

both projects involved a short initial online screener and then a few weeks later i was notified i was accepted. i had to go to target or walmart, locate specific toys and take a few photos. once home i just needed to upload the photos and answer some questions---easy-peasy! 

register now! (and i would be forever grateful if you included my email as your way both of us are entered for a prize!)

Friday, April 24

Bing Rewards

UPDATE! sadly i have been banned from bing rewards. they detected i was using bot software. so i will say if you chose to use a bot please proceed with caution and know you many likely get banned as well. rewards are very slow without using a bot though :(

oh, how i wish i had jumped on the bing rewards train sooner! i just started 2 weeks ago and already cashed in for a $5 amazon! it's really super easy to rack up the points. bing actually pays you in points for searches! every single day. you can earn 15 pts daily for computer searches, 10 pts daily for mobile searches and then they always throw in a bonus search or two to make it fun. typically every 2 searches equals 1 pt. i immediately found this way too time consuming so i did some digging and found there are bots out there designed to do all the searching for you and they are free! i am sure it would be easy for bing to shut this practice down but i guess numbers are numbers and that is what bing is going for to irritate rival google. every morning i log in and click on the bonus search and then i use this bot site that automatically does all my searches for me! check it out here:

Monday, November 10

Turn Your Junk Mail Into Rewards!

this is an easy money maker--just stuff all your junk mail into the provided, postage paid envelopes sbkc provides you and mail them back. that's it. once you earn 2000 pts. they send you a gift card.

i am not that diligent with this site and probably could earn much more if i took advantage of all the point earning opportunities. 

Tuesday, September 2

Ebates--I still cannot believe this site is for real!

I still cannot believe I have earned over $800 from this site--because I didn't do ANYTHING! I buy what I usually buy online--amazon, ebay, kohl's, gap, target, walmart, practically any online retailer you can think of--and i just make sure to click the ebates link before I complete my order. THAT'S IT.

And this is real cash--put in my paypal account 4 times a year. It truly is easy, free money with zero work. If you are one of the few that haven't discovered this goldmine---sign up today and starting making money while you shop!

Saturday, August 23

E-Jury Review

this site is a very interesting one. sign up to be an 'e-juror' and review an actual court case! submit your feedback,  explain your point of view, and actually say what your verdict would be--PLUS get paid for it.

Tuesday, June 17

Checkout 51

my friend just recently introduced me to this app/site. i had been a huge fan of Endorse, which sadly shut its doors a while back. i use ibotta occasionally but my regional grocery store (schnucks) doesn't support it. Checkout 51 can be used with ANY retailer which makes it a winner with me! in fact you can buy from ANY retailer (even online!) as long as you have a validated receipt.

similar to the others, you simply check off their promoted items that you bought that week and then upload your receipt. easy as pie. i have made $7 in just the few weeks i joined. every week they have at least one 'generic' item like milk, eggs or bananas so that's easy money. once you hit $20 you cash out and they mail you a check.

available for iOS devices, android and online through their website. united states and canada.

give them a try!

Thursday, May 8

mindswarms review

mindswarms is another great site that pays extremely well and is global. you do need a webcam or video function on your phone or tablet in order to be eligible for interviews. 

mindswarms basically consists of two formats:

$50 for answering 7 questions (you watch a video tape of each question and then webcam/record your answer back)
$10 for answering 1 question (same format)

it is difficult to be picked for these. i apply to many and have only been accepted 3 times so far. what i really liked about it was my answers weren't 'live' in front of someone else across the computer. i had time to think about my answer, even taking a few notes, before i had to tape my reply. and you can always erase an answer and re-answer it.

its actually very easy money--you just have to get chosen! i find they are hit or miss with emailing new studies so its best to check the site yourself often to see whats available.

Monday, April 28


here is a site that is fun and is purely luck of the draw. do 'quick hits' daily about brands and earn drawings for monthly gift card prizes. i find it fun, quick and worth my time. i only do the quick hits though and rarely do the challenges or more involved activities. the more active you are within each brand the more entries you receive--even so, nothing is guaranteed. one month i went all out and did as many extra point activities possible to increase my odds and that was the one month i got zilch so i am leery now of investing all that effort again. so far i have won gift cards 3 out of the 4 months i have been active. granted they are only $5 amazon or walmart gift cards but it only takes me minutes a day. one month i won 4 gift cards total! the key is to do your quick hits everyday so they don't accumulate and get overwhelming.

crowdtap also does product sampling--however i have yet to be accepted into any! and i believe you can only register with them through Facebook.

sign up!

right now you can sign up through this link and instantly get a free Truvia sample!

Tuesday, April 15

FREE MONEY with Ebates!

this one is a no-brainer. if you do any shopping online AT ALL you need to sign up with ebates. i just joined 2 yrs ago and already have earned over $700 CASH! its free and all you do is go to ebates first and then go to the retailer site through their link--thats it! i highly recommend you install the ebates toolbar on your computer because then it automatically will activate cash back and you don't have to bother with going to ebates first. when i didn't have it on my toolbar i often forgot to activate it and lost out on lots of free cash. now i never miss an opportunity.
they also have lots of coupon codes listed for each participating retailer so you also can check those out to save even more. tons of retailers are part of the ebates program--target, kohl's, gap, old navy, priceline, rakuten, about everyone! sadly zappos is not part and only a few categories in
they pay you 4 times a year and you have your choice of paypal, check or amazon gift card. click my link below to sign up!

click this link to join ebates today!

here is proof of my current earnings so far!

Thursday, March 20

EXPOtv review

*EXPO ceased operations :(  I received an email saying accounts were deactivated 6/24/15*


have you tried Expotv yet? it's an easy way to earn gift cards by just making videos of certain products. they have scores of products that need video reviews of---appliances, food, cleaning products, electronics, even books. all you have to do is give your honest review and ensure its at least 1 minute long. at first you may be a bit uncomfortable but soon it becomes super easy. an amazon $10 gift card is only 600 pts. and approved videos are worth anywhere from 500 up to 10,000 pts! they also have a tryology program where you are given products to test and just need to submit a video review in exchange for the free product (in the tryology program you do not earn points-the free product is your incentive).

Expotv is fun and easy and definitely should be included in your registered sites.
link to join EXPOtv

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