Monday, March 31

sandbox community surveys

i just discovered this site a few months ago--and i love it! i already cashed out for $25 amazon and it took hardly any time at all. ensure you connect to their mobile app, surveyswipe---thats where i make most of my points. i do quick daily diarys 4-5 times a day and it takes SECONDS. surveys are interesting and customer service is super responsive.
click link to join!

this is one of my TOP sites! easy $25 amazon every month for such little effort. the system is 3 tiered--survey swipe: the daily diaries, panolopy: installing an app to monitor your mobile phone activities and lastly surveys on the go: a notification and short survey every time you exit a big box retailer. easily the most generous survey site!

*if you need an invitation code--just leave a comment here and i will get you one!

Friday, March 28

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day®: Lookout for the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day® Get Messy Contest starting on March 10th! #MrsMeyersCleans #freesample
I am IN LOVE with this stuff! At first i was like 'ugh' geranium, really--i immediately thought a grandmas perfume type scent--and i couldn't have been more wrong!

Thursday, March 27

Buzzing about my Paula's Choice BHA Liquid!

When it comes to pores, size does matter. But an effective exfoliant can shrink enlarged pores anddo much, much more. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid is unlike any other product on the market. While there are many BHA (short for beta hydroxy acid) products available, formulating them at the pH level needed to penetrate pores is extremely difficult. This leave-on exfoliant:

Sunday, March 23

annies homegrown!

Introducing Annie’s Family Sized Frozen Entrees, a deliciously easy dinner the whole family will love. Go ahead and take credit for tonight’s delicious meal—your secret is safe with us!

Thursday, March 20

EXPOtv review

*EXPO ceased operations :(  I received an email saying accounts were deactivated 6/24/15*


have you tried Expotv yet? it's an easy way to earn gift cards by just making videos of certain products. they have scores of products that need video reviews of---appliances, food, cleaning products, electronics, even books. all you have to do is give your honest review and ensure its at least 1 minute long. at first you may be a bit uncomfortable but soon it becomes super easy. an amazon $10 gift card is only 600 pts. and approved videos are worth anywhere from 500 up to 10,000 pts! they also have a tryology program where you are given products to test and just need to submit a video review in exchange for the free product (in the tryology program you do not earn points-the free product is your incentive).

Expotv is fun and easy and definitely should be included in your registered sites.
link to join EXPOtv

Monday, March 17

my st. paddys feast

this year i decided to make my own st patricks day dinner instead of my usual run to the grocers deli to buy their corned beef dinner
overall, it was quite a success! the soda bread was a bit dry and dense and my irish tea cake completely sunk in the middle (thus my coverup by dumping a bunch of berries in the middle!) and i am not sure if i would add the rutabaga again (first time i have eaten it and it wasn't very memorable) but the whole family loved it and i made enough to last us at least 3 meals. i also bought stick on mustaches and 4 leaf clover beads for everyone to wear at dinner time to make the meal extra festive!
i think i cut my bread slits a bit too deep!

Friday, March 14

focus forward online--start getting your focus group on!

register with as many focus group panels as possible! click for link to join focus forward online. this is a good one to start with since they seem to have studies often.
      it can be difficult to actually be picked for a focus group, you will fill out a ba-zillion qualifying screeners and rarely get chosen. however, online focus groups and interactive boards are where the  money's at so its critical to apply for as many projects as you can. i have had focus groups range from 30 minutes for $20 to 4wks for $350. its also good to have a webcam--it greatly increases your eligibility since many projects require them. you can buy decent webcams on for under $30.

Tuesday, March 11

a quick and simple slow cooker dinner the whole family will love!

today i made a tortellini crockpot dinner that was delicious and easy

ingredients needed:

1 tube of uncooked rolled sausage (i used bob evans italian)
1 bag of frozen cheese tortellini
2 cans diced italian tomatoes (drained)
3 cups chicken broth

Friday, March 7

Add Paidviewpoint to your roster!

PaidViewPoint  this is a fairly new site---the surveys are SUPER QUICK and alway pay at least 10 cents. the interface is very innovative and its one of my favorites. they do lots of 'double-checking' your previous profile answers so be careful of contradicting yourself! payouts are at $15 and i usually cash out every 3 months. click this link to join!

Wednesday, March 5

hide the toys and maintain your sanity!

if you have small children your house also probably looks like a declared disaster area by the end of the day! i am amazed daily at how many toys a 2 yr old can scatter and uproot in the course of 24 hrs. and where do you store them all? i really don't want my house to be a constant tripping hazard and feel more like a toys r us than a house that adults actually occupy.

Monday, March 3

get buzzing with buzzagent!

if you haven't already, sign up with bzzagent. this company doesn't pay but they have several 'campaigns' that you can be selected for and test out a new product! the product is yours to keep and all you need to do is 'spread the buzz' about it in reviews and social media.

to date i have received several toys, air fresheners, coffee, toothpaste, yogurt, and hair color---all for FREE! they give you a 'score' that rates your activity level so its important to check in periodically and keep up to date with new profile questions and quick pre-screener surveys. and when you do qualify for a campaign they often send you lots of extra coupons to share with family and friends as well. definitely worthwhile!

Saturday, March 1

smiley360 review—Be Heard. Be Happy.

this company doesn't pay but it does offer great product test trials in exchange for reviews and spreading the word--click link to join!—Be Heard. Be Happy.

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