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Friday, January 30

AIP Online Surveys

this survey site is based out of tokyo, japan but is open to any resident of the US who is 16 yrs. of age or older.

you can expect a survey about once a month and they pay in either best buy gift cards or paypal--with the threshold to cash out only $5. payment does take awhile--expect to wait 2-3 months!

Monday, January 12

TV Focus Group

this site is a gem. i don't even know how i found it but i already did one super easy survey involving watching 4 short 'as seen on tv' product ideas and giving my opinion on each (20 minutes max) and i earned a $25 amazon gift card! and they paid it quickly!

now i may not see another survey for awhile but you can't beat those rewards.

here is their link to join and good luck!

Wednesday, January 7

the-Collaboratory Market Research

this site pays extremely well but projects are few and far between. most of their projects involve food and food preparation and involve multi-day interactive boards, where you log in at your leisure and respond to a series of questions.

you can expect a screener about once every month or so, which can be lengthy and involve open ended questions. i probably have answered 30 screeners but have only been accepted into 2 studies. even so, i jump on every opportunity since the studies are fun and interesting and pay very well.

here is their link to sign up:

Friday, January 2

Best Survey Tips

when i first started doing surveys, i did not know anything and pretty much joined every site and did every survey that came my way. i now have learned a few things.

Friday, December 26

Shoppers' Perspective Community Review

Shoppers' Perspective Community is a newer site for me. the surveys are usually short and sweet although somewhat infrequent. you can redeem your points when you hit only 500 pts. for Tango which has a multitude of gift cards to choose from (see below).

Wednesday, December 10

Join Gongos Consumer Village!

have you joined this fun community yet? part survey site, part community and definitely worth your time.

you will get emails for new activities a few times a month. some are quick surveys, some even quicker polls and some are projects that are more involved. you are told up front what that particular activity/survey pays and you even get a small amount if you start it but disqualify.

Saturday, October 18

LiveWire Research Review

here is another solid survey company that you don't hear from too frequently but is still good to have in your roster.

they recently changed their rewards program and now it is through Tango--which is a bit of a pain to redeem but i still can get amazon codes. Tango actually has many options including iTunes, home depot and target among many others).

Monday, October 13

Opinion It Survey Panel

this site is an easy $10 paypal or gift card every 2 or 3 months. i only see a survey about once or twice a month but i did score a product test last time! they also have a mobile site available on iPhone or android.
not a big money maker but one to have on hand. the surveys are super quick and their incentives are on the more generous side.

link to join:

Monday, September 29

my survey review

this survey site is a sister site of globaltestmarket, although the surveys are not as well paying or as frequent. what i do like about this site is the amount of product tests i receive and last year i qualified for a hair study that paid $280! you never know what surveys will lead to great things so you just need to trudge through them and keep your fingers crossed!

Tuesday, August 19

valued opinions review

this is another site that i can count on every month for a $20 amazon gift card. they send out surveys quite frequently too--i often will get one daily and qualify for probably 70% of them.

they have many gift card reward options, including visa e-cards and pay quickly. i really have nothing bad to say about them other than they take out a small transaction fee for most redemptions and the surveys tend to be longer, averaging 20 minutes (and typically paying $2). i also have only received 1 or 2 product tests from them in almost 2 years time. i have qualified for a handful of 'special projects' though which were interesting and easy to do.

definitely worth signing up and trying out.

Wednesday, August 13

Kidzeyes Research Panel Review

a survey panel for your kids! this panel is also a division of C + R Research (check out my earlier post on Parentspeak Online Community) so now both moms, dads, and their kids can take fun surveys and earn cash!
kids ages 6-12, residing in the US, are eligible. surveys are not that frequent, maybe 1-2 a month and there is no minimum threshold to request a check. surveys topics typically are about food, sports, video games or school and are usually 5-15 minutes long. my son doesn't mind them since they are usually about things that interest him and he just LOVES to give his opinion!

check them out!

Saturday, August 9

Inspired Opinions Review

you won't hear a lot from this site--i am lucky to see a single email a month--but when you do its usually a screener for a high paying online focus group. just last month i finished one with them that was easy, fun and earned me $150!

Friday, August 1

Opinion Square Review

this was one of the first survey sites i joined. i don't get surveys very often but can usually redeem a $10 amazon e-card about every 6 wks. the surveys usually center around health, the internet, or mobile devices. 
my favorite part of opinion square is that you receive a token if you disqualify and then you get to play their fun token game! you are guaranteed to win something--i most often win 25 pts but i have won 100 pts before too.

Saturday, July 19

Parentspeak Online Community

i love this community/site! they are run by c + r research, a company out of chicago. you won't see very many surveys, maybe 1 or 2 a month, but they usually are screener surveys for an upcoming focus group or interactive study. so don't be so quick to brush off their $1 surveys---the MAJORITY of times they have lead to a future 60 or 90 minute session that will pay anywhere from $25-$50! even if it doesn't, often they will ask me to continue on with an extended portion of the survey and add additional incentives for 10 or 15 extra minutes.

you can request a check at anytime too--no minimum threshold. the only requirements are that you live in the US and you are a parent.

parentspeak is an online community so there is also lots going on within the site---forums, polls, open discussions etc.... participation for these activities is purely optional and non-paying but it's a nice way to meet other parents and share ideas. 

here is their link to sign up!

Thursday, July 10

OneOpinion Review

i have mixed feelings about this site. on the positive side---their customer service is second to none. prompt responses to any issues, credits made to incentive errors-- no questions asked, and probably my biggest source of Invoke interactive studies (typically 60-90 min. online sessions that pay anywhere from $20-$50).

Friday, July 4

USA Talk Now Review

This canadian based site has quickly become one of my favs. they do not offer paypal but do offer amazon in $10 increments. although the surveys themselves are only average paying, they offer many focus group opportunities (which pay in cash!). better yet, the majority of the online focus group screening questions do not ask when your last focus group was so you can qualify for several within a 3 month period! i can easily qualify for at least one online project a month which can pay anywhere from $30-$75. itracks actually is behind usatalknow and they are a major online research company.

Saturday, June 28

E-poll Survey Review

i certainly don't get rich from this site, averaging just $5-$10 paypal per month but epoll is still fun and fresh compared to other sites.
practically all of my surveys involve watching a pilot episode of a new reality tv show. some are 45 minutes, others just 20. afterwards you give your opinion on the concept, pace and characters and how likely you would watch the program if and when it aired.
it's actually quite entertaining and i love getting a 'sneak peek' and sharing my opinions about a show that hasn't even aired yet. if you like reality tv definitely check them out.

payment does take several weeks but you can cash out for paypal once you reach $5.

here is the link to sign up!

Thursday, June 19

American Consumer Opinion Panel-ACOP

American Consumer Opinion Panel/ACOP

this is another one of my main sites. they pay in paypal or check and you only have to reach $10 for a payout. they do lots of small screener surveys for 5-20 pts. which is great since you never start a survey and then get disqualified with zero compensation like most other companies.
they also are GLOBAL--anyone can join!
the topics and format are unique and a change of pace from other sites as well. i also have done special project diarys which were super easy to complete.  i can easily make $15 a month from them but be warned--payouts do take FOREVER to receive.
still, they are a constant contributor for me and you too should add them.

click HERE to join ACOP now!

Wednesday, June 11

join i-say today!

i-say by Ipsos is a company that has been around for awhile. while i don't get a whole lot of surveys from them i manage to eek out about $15 a month. they have paypal and amazon as reward options too. the best part about i-say is the 'poll predictor' at the end of each survey---they ask a random question and you guess what % answered that way--you then earn 'raffle tickets' for the current prizes and the number of entries you earn depends on how close you were to the correct answer. so even if you disqualify for a survey you at least know you earned a sweeps entry.

i also have received a fair amount of products to test through them which is always a bonus.
a heads up--they seem to be going through a few hiccups right now with changing their site format and interface--very glitchy lately. hopefully they will iron them all out soon!

click the link and join today!

Monday, June 2 --a great resource! is a great resource for the serious survey taker. i always thought of them as a 'sweeps, coupon, deals and sales' type site but i discovered they have a whole forum devoted to surveys and focus groups.

go to

click on 'forums'
click on 'freebies'
click on 'surveys'----now bookmark this page!
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